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 “Our Trade Letter is for those people who do not have time to be active in our premium community all day, but always want to be prepared for what is to come in the market.”

Michaël van de Poppe
CEO at Eight Global

Trading Result Week 25

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You'll receive 3 Trade Letters each week. 


On Monday, we open the week with an analysis on the market. We discuss BTC, ETH and other important macro-economic charts. 

By reading our market summary on Monday, you will always be prepared when the market is in a bad or good state. This way you'll be able to anticipate market circumstances which retail traders haven't dealt with yet.

On Friday, our experienced traders will discuss some altcoins which can have some potential for the coming period. 

At times, the market is not in a good position to give our subscribers good advice on altcoins. Therefore, on some Fridays, Michaël will also give his personal tips or interpretation of the Friday edition.

On Wednesdays, we discuss one or more projects that are trending. We do this first of all on a fundamental level. We look at what developments are coming up, so you know things that retail doesn't know yet! 

In addition, we provide a technical analysis of these projects. Sometimes, other relevant topics are very important to discuss.